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Frequently Asked Questions

What niches are my Done For You websites in?

We’ve organised the templates into groups so you can find something you want, quickly.  At the moment these are the categories, with the possiblity of more being added in the future. [+] Corporate  [+] Portfolio  [+] Creative  [+] Local Business  [+] Medical  [+] Blog  [+] Squeeze Pages  [+] Sales Pages  [+] eCommerce  [+] Local Services  [+] Education

How good are the DFY Hero websites and pages… I mean quality wise?

These are designed by top-rated designers, in consultation with marketers to get that perfect line of functional and top converting.  Our design team live and breathe this kind of thing… I’m pretty sure a couple of them might even dream designs some nights! 

Are there ANY ‘hidden’ costs?

Not at all. To be totally transparent, yes — we do have some other offers you will see once you purchase this 100+ DFY website bundle.  However, what you see on this page will work perfectly fine if you choose not to take advantage of any of our other offers.  We know there are tools out there that present ALL the facts and keep things vague. That’s definitely not us.  If you’re not sure, give it a try and let us know within the 30 day guarantee if you’re not happy and you’ll get your money back. 

Can I use my own domain name?

While you don’t have to buy/use your own domain names (you’re welcome to use our hosted subdomain system), you’re absolutely able to connect your own domain name with our system, so we’ll cover hosting costs and you’ll look professional with your website displaying seamlessly on your domain name. 

Click the link above and come  meet me inside the Members Area, you can build your first site right away!

I still have 1 more question. Should I ‘PM’ you?

For anything else, feel free to click the ‘Product Support’ link below and our support team can answer any questions you’ve got. 

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