Herbs are probably my favourite plants, and so I have put together all of my herb knowledge and tips on successful herb gardening into an easy to read herb growing ebook (just updated) entitled:

herbs to eat

“How To Grow a Happy Herb Garden”

Learn how to choose what to grow, plant and grow garlic, chives, rosemary, ginger and many more of  wonderful herbs and spices in your own garden, or on your window sill.

The ebook is quick and easy to download in pdf format – just Click Here to access a page where you can access and download the document instantaneously, and get active creating your first herb garden.

You will learn the following in easy steps:

  • the 5 culinary herbs you simply must grow.
  • the top 3 medicinal herbs you can grow.
  • how to plant and transplant seeds.
  • companion herbs.
  • the use of light for your indoor garden or kitchen.
  • harvesting your own herbs..  and so much more!

Start Growing Herbs at home today, and enjoy creating fresh healthy food for your kitchen table. I have a few other books, which I will add as links to this page in the coming days.

Always remember gardening is fun, therapeutic and rewarding. Check back to my site for more tips and advice.

Colin West (sep 2021)


ps – do reach out, I always try to respond promptly, or sign up to my subscriber base on the website.