How To Spot Conmen & The 8 Other Types Of Trust-Breakers
How To Spot Conmen & The 8 Other Types Of Trust-Breakers
How To Spot Conmen & The 8 Other Types Of Trust-Breakers
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Do You Consider Yourself To Be:

Then your biggest problems in life are almost certainly

going to come through broken trust.

People tend to see themselves in others.

The fact that you are honest, competent and diligent puts you at greater risk

of being scammed and having your

trust broken by people you

mistakenly see as being like yourself.

The information on


is your first, best protection against a

Clear And Present Danger!

If you think that being able to spot a liar will protect you from broken trustTHINK AGAIN!

The vast majority of trust-breakers are NOT lying to you at the time you decide to TRUST to them.

There are NINE types of trust-breakers and only ONE of them…

– the outright, active conman/woman –

is deliberately deceiving you at the time you START to trust them!

There are 8 OTHER TYPES OF TRUST-BREAKERS, any one of whom can devastate your life as badly, or WORSE

than a conman’s CONmunication!

You need to PREPARE yourself AND your loved ones.

You need to EQUIP yourself with the know-how and skills so that


You need to learn:

How to spot active financial conmen/women

This is a person who enters your life intending to rip you off from the get go.

First and foremost, they are NOT after your money.

First and foremost, THEY ARE AFTER YOUR TRUST

because they know once they’ve got your trust,

your money will follow.

Conmen/women have much more experience ripping people off than you have at avoiding being ripped off.

You need to learn how to spot them.

It’s not just outright conmen/women that can shatter your trust, and your life.

There are 8 other types of trust-breakers, any one of these can devastate your life

just as badly, OR WORSE than a conman/woman.

You need to know these 8 other types of trust-breakers and how to spot them…

to avoid them.

The EIGHT other types of Trust Breakers:

What sort of person do you think each of these images represents?

You cannot learn how to combat these 9 Trust Breakers anywhere else. The skills to define, and defeat them were specifically developed for this course by master communicator, Dr. Ren Lexander PhD, specifically to equip people to DEFEAT the highly-practiced CONmunication skills of conmen, conwomen, trust-breakers, and low-lifes.

Dr. Lexander has been published by major publishing houses around the world such as Penguin, HarperCollins, and BantamDoubledayDell.

This is the course you need to do BEFORE YOU TRUST ANYONE, EVER AGAIN!!!

  • DON’T invest with anyone until you’ve done this course.
  • DON’T loan money until you’ve done this course.
  • DON’T form a business partnership until you’ve done this course.
  • DON’T get married until you’ve done this course.

DO NOT let your children leave home without this ESSENTIAL LIFE KNOWLEDGE.

“Oh, I don’t need this…”

“I’ll never have my trust broken.”

“I’m too cautious to have my trust broken.”

“I’m too smart to have my trust broken.”

“I’m too well-informed to have my trust broken.”

“I’m too lucky to have my trust broken.”

“I’m just too ME to have my trust broken.”


Smarter, more cautious people than you have had their trust broken!

Don’t Let This Be


1. REALISM – Someone WILL act in a way that could break your trust, intentionally or otherwise.

2. HUMILITY – Right now, you and your family are as vulnerable as anyone else to trust-breakers.

3. EDUCATION – Learn skills and tactics to make your trust unbreakable.

How much would it be WORTH to protect yourself

(and your loved ones) from the 9 types of trust-breakers

that can devastate your life?

Honestly, at $297, this course would absolutely be a bargain.

One that could potentially save you THOUSANDS of Dollars.

At $99, it would STILL be the bargain of a lifetime. 


No questions asked because we don’t have the option to NOT give you a refund. This product is offered via Clickbank. So we don’t control whether you get a refund – they do – and their systems is automated… Ask for a refund within 60 days, get a refund. Simple as that!

Your finances, your peace of mind, and your happiness are at stake…

This is NOT an exaggeration

Protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the


Of course, we want to EMPOWER you to protect yourself from ALL manner of scammers and trust-breakers:

Invisible Conmen/women, and those nasty Conmen/women and other trust-breakers that are actually part of your life RIGHT NOW.

Or could enter your life TOMORROW

Protect me from ALL scammers and trust-breakers!

Get BOTH courses for a discount PLUS receive three FREE must have bonusses!

Never Be Scammed is part of Dr. Ren Lexander’s,

Maps For A More Meaningful Life.

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