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Make Money Building Websites
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Updated: October 8, 2018

The easy way to build

simple HTML websites

This guide will show you the easiest way you can build

websites for extra income with no or very little knowledge on the subject.

You will only need a computer and internet connection. If you can write and edit a word document

you will be able to make your own websites too with the help of this step-by-sep guide.

simply build a website

It doesn’t get simpler than this!

No need for crazy programming skills. Basic computer skills are enough. If you know how to install software and know how to edit word documents, you will be able to do this too! I guarantee it or we build it together, otherwise your money back 😉

No wordpress, no joomla, no drupal, no wix or any of these fancy CMS and website building tools. Simple HTML files and us. I used this method for years and now you can use it too to make some extra money. You can even build up a passive income flow with the methods described in the book.

You can earn $1000s building websites with this simple guide.

Agencies charge an insane amount of money to build websites for clients, small businesses as well as corporations. They easily charge many thousands of dollars for a simple static website and small businesses pay it because they have no alternatives or they have very outdated websites. They can be your primary target audience 😉

Be the alternative!

make money building websites e-book

The image is for illustartion purposes only. This is a digital ebook. Not a hard copy.

Building websites got much easier in the last decade with all the free resources out there. Agencies don’t want you or small businesses to know this. They would be losing lots of money.

Why don’t you build websites to make some extra money whether you in college high school or even if you have a full time job. You can charge hundreds of dollars for simple websites. This way the small business will appreciate the low cost you can offer to them and you can make some extra cash on the side.

Help others and help yourself 😉

Building websites nowadays are much easier than you think and certainly easier than Agencies make it look like.

Hi, I am Oliver, a computing science major and I wrote this e-book, because a step by step guide like this was something I was looking for when I was in university. A simple step by step guide on how to make websites from HTML templates. I was studying web development, but the courses were packed with complicated things that I had no interest in. I just wanted to get a free HTML template modify it and put it online for myself and for my potential clients to make some extra money on the side.

This is what this ebook is about. A straight forward step by step guide on how to get a free HTML template modify the parts that you want to change (e.g. text, images, colors) then I explain how to get a domain and point it to a server. I explain how to set up a cheap server to host multiple sites for $5 per months (You can charge that for your client 😉 ). It is the simplest it can get at this level. This is no rocket science, anyone with a computer and basic computing skills can do this.

The entire book is about 30 pages and you will learn how to make a website from a HTML template within hours. You will use templates that you can get online for free. You could make some decent money by selling these sites to your clients that can be small to medium businesses, friends and family etc… Web Development nowadays cost thousands if not hundred thousands of dollars… or even millions of dollars. Most businesses on the other side, only need a simple site where they can promote their services. They simply want to be online and link their social media pages, show their opening hours and have a way their clients can contact them. They don’t want to spend thousands. You can sell these websites to them for couple of hundreds of dollars.

This is how you can make some extra cash building simple websites for those who need them

I made a decent living while doing my day job with this method, sometimes my monthly earnings were more than my salary at my home country 😀 Now I pursue a different profession, but I wrote this step-by-step guide and put the methods I used in the past years on paper… well, on e-paper 🙂 I offer you this knowledge, so that you can benefit from it as well to your advantage from the comfort of your home. I offer this book for the fraction of the price that you can ask for from your first client. I usually asked for around $500 on average for a website that I spent maybe 3-4 hours on after work. Thats almost $100 per hour. This was just me. It is entirely up to you how much you charge. (It will probably be based on your clients anyway) So this knowledge for $29.95 is definitely a bargain. I know I would have bought this guide back in the day when I was in college. I wrote it imagining I am writing it for my young self. It guides you through what you need to do to set up a static website, step by step. How to get a domain name, How to rent a server, how to set up a server, how to put your site online and how to modify HTML templates.

The steps in the guide are:

  1. Create the site by modifying a template
  2. Get a server and upload the site
  3. Get a domain name and point it to the server
  4. Set it all up and test it

So 4 simple steps on 30 pages. That’s it. You can learn this within a day! In a week you can get 1000% return on investment if you sell your first site for $300. That is a bargain if you ask me 🙂
I would have paid so much more for something like this when I was in college! This is what I was looking for and never found it. So I thought I will write it! And now it is here. It was quite a big decision for me to put this out there, but I want to share this with you, because I believe that we have to share knowledge in order to develop humanity. Also now I pursue a different carrier, so you will not be my competition if you have this knowledge 😉 This also helped me to make the decision.

That being said I am so confident in this method that next to the usual 100% money back guarantee I offer a confidence guarantee! Meaning that if you cannot make your first website live with following these steps I am offering you a personal walkthrough via skype where I will help you complete your website setup and deployment. I will hold your hands until the end if you feel that you cannot make it. Do you know what this means? I guarantee you a website for $29.95! Not only that but you will have the knowledge to replicate the method and sell sites for hundreds of dollars! Still not convinced? I give this guarantee with a 2 months patience period. You will have a website or your money back! 😉

It gets better. What you don’t know yet is that you can ask for a small monthly maintenance fee of $10-$30 dollars from your clients, so you can generate your passive income with the help of this guide! I know you just said wow! 😀 This means if you get lets say 100 small business to ask you to make them a site, not only you will get the price you ask for the site, but they will pay you a monthly maintenance fee, in case of a 100 sites, say $1000-$3000 per months… That’s passive income! You will pay around $5 for the server and you will get thousands in return? What’s the ROI on that? But again this is a number that you set. Why not ask for a $50 monthly maintenance fee if you can land a client that you know can pay it? 🙂 And all that on top of the development fee that you ask for the website. Have I convinced you yet that this $29.95 is a sound investment? 🙂


I am not joking this guide will teach you how to build and get websites online in hours. This is not rocket science. You don’t need to be a computing science major to do this. You only need to make the decision that you want to do this and follow the steps in the guide. It is 30 pages. Come on, I know you have done more than that in school plenty of times 😉 The difference is that this is knowledge for life and you can actually make money with it!

I want you to know exactly what this guide will teach you, so here you go. The things that you will be able to do with this guide and the things that you will not be able to do… (of course you will not be able to make the next facebook with the help of this guide 🙂 )

You will be able to:

️Modify website templates using HTML and CSS codes.

️Purchase, set up and maintain domain names.

️Rent, set up and manage a webserver to host your site(s).

️Set up contact forms on the sites so people can contact the businesses.

️Include social links such as facebook, twitter and linkedin in your sites.

️Ask for a small monthly maintenance fee from your clients.

You will not be able to do:

This guide won’t teach you to make the next facebook (dynamic sites)

This guide won’t teach you to use a CMS (wordpress, joomla or drupal)

This guide won’t teach you to make a website from scratch (without the use of a template)

Passive income

Have I told you about the passive income you can generate with asking for a maintenance fee from your clients? It is commonly known that websites have a maintenance fee. You will be able to ask for a small amount of money from your clients. Usually $10-$30. What if you have tens or hundreds of clients? You do the maths. There will be a point that you will not need to do more sites, because the passive income from the monthly maintenance fee will be enough to cover your everyday expenses. Especially if you don’t live in an expensive country like the UK or the US.


A guarantee to you. I promise you that you will be able to make a website and put it online with no problem using this guide. I am so confident in this that next to the 100% money back guarantee I offer a personal confidence guarantee. If you cannot make the website following these steps, we will set up a skype call and I will guide you through each step personally until you will have a working website. This means i guarantee you will have at least one website up and running for $29.95 and you will also have the knowledge on how to do it again and again!

No CMS — WordPress Drupal Joomla.

You have probably heard about CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. These software are great, but they are too much in case you just want a simple website and you want to manage it yourself. The learning curve is usually steep, and you will have to figure out that things that you need from a pretty big list of functionality that these CMS provide. Elimination is key when learning such systems.

If you want a blog than probably it is better to go with wordpress. This guide won’t help you set up a wordpress site, but in case you need a static website for a local business with some basic info like opening times, prices, an about us page, a contact form, some social media links and some product info pages, than this guide is the way to go for you and you won’t be disappointed!


This guide is simple. You will see that each step is described the simplest way with pictures where possible. It doesn’t get simpler than this. My girlfriend volunteered to read it and replicate the steps. She has nothing to do with technology and after some fine tuning and she was able to set up her own small site for her goldsmith business. I am telling you, if she can do it, you can do it. 😀 Here is the site so you see that I am not joking:

My personal support

You get my personal support if something is not clear. I will offer a one on one skype session in case you have trouble with some of the steps. The ebook is constantly being modified based on reader feedback, so in case you find a mistake, or you find that something changed since the writing, please let me know and I will make the necessary changes. This is my baby 🙂 I look at it as the fruit of my previous career, so it is important for me to keep it up to date so it can carry on teaching the knowledge. This is important so everybody who buys the book can benefit from the teachings and has the most up to date links texts and screenshots.

Please contact me if you have any questions before or after buying this book. I am happy to help and I can promise I will reply within 24 hours. All the best to you all, and happy learning 😉



If you have problem with the purchase link, please note that in some cases Adblock blocks the purchase link. In this case disable adblock and try again. If the link still does not work, contact me via the form below.

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