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See Your Visitors As Real People

Our free IPID plugin for WordPress turns your registered member’s IP Addresses into their real names and photos.

View Minute-By-Minute Stats

The interactive graph shows your traffic trends over days, months, and years. Click it to zoom in and see detailed minute-by-minute activity.

All The Info You Need

Quickly pull up the stats for specific files, visitors, referrers, countries, browsers, operating systems, and more.

A Vital Tool For Affiliate Programs

Run An Affiliate Program?

Get Deep Insights Into How Each Affiliate Is Promoting Your Site.

Moment Stats shows which affiliate links are getting the most traffic and unique visitors. Also, dig into the stats for each affiliate link to see where an affiliate is promoting your site, which countries that traffic is coming from, and much more.


Find Problems On Your Site

Broken Links? Load Spikes?

Find problems that could be costing you bandwidth and sales.

Search your logs for specific error codes to find broken links, PHP software errors, and more. View the specific referrer URLs with broken links to your site, so they can be fixed.

Load Spikes To Specific Files

Load Spikes From Specific IPs


Our free WHM/cPanel plugin puts the power of Moment Stats directly into hosting accounts.


For VPS/Dedicated Servers

Install Moment Stats on your own cPanel VPS or dedicated server.

Install Now

For Hosting Providers

Give your customers a better stats solution, while earning commissions on Pro upgrades.

Web Host Partner Program


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