Protect Yourself From Invisible Conmen/Women
Protect Yourself From Invisible Conmen/Women
Protect Yourself From Invisible Conmen/Women
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There is an ever growing ARMY

of well-trained conmen/women out there…

but you will NEVER meet them.

They are desperate to SCAM you, and your loved ones…

and they are VERY GOOD AT IT!

The information on


is your first, best protection against a

clear and present danger!

In the US, one in ten adults will fall victim to a scam or fraud every year.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, this number jumped 34% in 2018

41 Need To Know Scam Statistics – Legal Jobs

These LOW-LIFES have much more experience at scamming you,

than YOU have at resisting being scammed by them.

They know how to come across as trustworthy…

even though they are are low-life scum!

They know how to manipulate your desires, hopes and fears

to squeeze MONEY out of you…

and how to do this unbelievably QUICKLY

They will attempt to scam you via phone calls, emails, websites, letters

You won’t ever meet these scum scammers

They will scam you invisibly.

They will do it using “CONmunication

The act of communicating in a deceptive way so as to win another person’s trust and persuade that person to transfer something (usually money) out of their control and into the control of the CONmunicator.

You need to PREPARE yourself AND your loved ones.

You need to EQUIP yourself with the know-how and skills so that YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL NEVER BE SCAMMED!

You need to learn to how to:

What you WILL learn in this course:

1. How invisible scammers MANIPULATE you into making a quick-and-dirty decision to trust them.

2. The emotions that conmen/women PROVOKE to get you to make a quick decision when you should be making a slow one.

3. How to tell when you are probably being SCAMMED!

4. The Classic Scams.

Most critically of all, you will learn ‘Con Fu’

(the art of defeating CONmunication)

You will learn The Five Con Fu Master Moves

which can defuse ANY act of CONmunication!

You cannot learn these Con Fu Master Moves  anywhere else. They were specifically developed for this course by master communicator, Dr. Ren Lexander PhD, to equip people to DEFEAT the highly-practiced CONmunication skills of conmen, conwomen, scammers, con artists and low-lifes.

They are essential life knowledge. Every year, millions of people are scammed by an Invisible Conman/woman through acts of CONmunication.

The Five Con FU Master Moves give YOU back control of the situation.

YOU need to know these Five Con Fu Master Moves.

Your CHILDREN need to know them.

Your PARENTS need to know them.

Your SPOUSE needs to know them.

Dr. Lexander has been published by major publishing houses around the world such as Penguin, HarperCollins, and BantamDoubledayDell.

The Five Con Fu Master Moves in this course will also empower you to defeat the CONmunication of LIVE CONMEN and CONWOMEN – who are ALREADY in your life, or will enter your life in the future.

“Oh, I don’t need this…”

“I’ll never be scammed.”

“I’m too cautious to be scammed.”

“I’m too smart to be scammed.”

“I’m too well-informed to be scammed.”

“I’m too lucky to be scammed.”

“I’m just too ME to be scammed.”


Smarter, more cautious people than you have been scammed!

Don’t Let This Be


1. REALISM – Someone WILL try to scam you and they are very, VERY good at it.

(There’s a one-in-ten chance it will happen in the next year)

2. HUMILITY – Right now, you and your children are as vulnerable as anyone else to being scammed.

3. EDUCATION – Learn skills and tactics to make yourself unscammable. Learn Con Fu.

Learn the Five Con Fu Master Moves – Protect yourself from conmen – Visible and Invisible.

If you could learn some easy-to-apply skills that could protect you (and your loved ones) from scammers…

Skills that could potentially SAVE you from being scammed out of  hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of Dollars…

How much would those skills be WORTH to you?

Honestly, at $297, this course would absolutely be a bargain.

One that could potentially save you THOUSANDS of Dollars.

At $99, it would STILL be the bargain of a lifetime. 

Just $47 to get your Black Belt in Con Fu!


No questions asked because we don’t have the option to NOT give you a refund. This product is offered via Clickbank. So we don’t control whether you get a refund – they do – and their systems is automated… Ask for a refund within 60 days, get a refund. Simple as that!

Your finances, your peace of mind, and your happiness are at stake…

This is NOT an exaggeration

Protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the SCAMMERS!

Just $47 to get your Black Belt in Con Fu!

Of course, we want to EMPOWER you to protect yourself from ALL manner of scammers and trust-breakers:

Invisible Conmen/women, and those nasty Conmen/women and other trust-breakers that are actually part of your life RIGHT NOW.

Or could enter your life TOMORROW

Protect me from ALL scammers and trust-breakers!

Get BOTH courses for a discount PLUS receive three FREE must have bonusses!

Never Be Scammed is part of Dr. Ren Lexander’s,

Maps For A More Meaningful Life.

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