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Unfortunately, we do not offer any support as this is a FREE service. So we offer the service as it is. However, you can always hire third-party freelancers to help you with certain technical tasks that you need. You can find them at places like Fiverr, etc.

However, support is only available for paid products and services. But of course, support doesn’t cover everything. Here are a few tasks, not limited to, that we do not offer any support even for paid products, unless otherwise stated on the sales letter:

— Customizing a theme

— Creation of a new & unique theme

— Troubleshooting what went wrong with your own installation, editing of theme, etc

— Adding a header (unless included in the package you ordered)

— How to use the plugins

— Setting up of your domain name on your hosting account, hosting related questions, etc. (These are simply not related to WordPress installation)

— etc

  • 23, Ноябрь, 2021
  • admin

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