Become Your Hottest Self Without Having to Lose Weight or Say ‘I’ll Be Ready When’ and Just Jump into Feeling Confident Right Now.

After working with women for 10+ years, regardless of their current level of fitness, so many still struggle with feeling confident and sexy in their bodies in the present moment.

I’ve met thousands of women who think that confidence, happiness and body love will come once they arrive at their “ideal” weight. They turn away from the mirror when getting out of the shower, they’ll only have sex with the lights off, they’re constantly stressed that others are judging their bodies and never feeling good enough, lean enough, sexy enough.

The truth is … feeling sexy and confident is a state of mind. Not a prize only the lean get to experience.

But I get it. As a former fitness competitor and reforming perfectionist, it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of needing to “deserve” to feel sexy, which so many of us think only comes when we lose X lbs.

BUT. What I’ve found myself and with the women that I coach is that when we allow ourselves to experience sensuality and embracing our bodies as-is, the outcome is remarkable.

So, I felt compelled to reach more women with this ground-breaking discovery and as a result, created my online Sensual Movement course as a solution.

I want to help women realize that they have the ability to feel empowered, confident and free immediately no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

This Sensual Movement course is the final solution to tapping into feeling confident and sexy in the present moment whether you have fitness goals or not.

Because living in a perpetual state of “not good enough until” is draining and no way to live.

Sensual Movement allows you to take a deep dive into your femininity and help you hone in on your confidence NOW, not when the scale tells you that you can.

Other programs will give you tons of to-dos to chase weight loss goals but miss the mark on helping you feel sexy in the process – which ultimately is how a lot of us want to feel! We all know how shitty it feels to linger in the “I’ll be happy and confident when I lose xyx” pounds.

My signature course, Sensual Movement is available now until September 1st ONLY so if you are looking to learn how to embrace your body now, develop confidence and physical freedom that will leave you a force to be reckoned with, this education is nonnegotiable.

And Sensual Movement provides you those things IMMEDIATELY.

You’ll never have to wait until the scale reflects a number that you approve of for you to finally approve of yourself.

You have the power within yourself to have it now.

You’ll emerge inspired to take more action in many areas of your life with your newfound confidence without feeling like you have to wait until you meet a fitness destination to be allowed that.


Upon purchase: within seconds, you will receive your receipt via email (be sure to check your Junk email folder), and there will be a Download or Access button for you to click. You’ll be re-routed to a Thank You page that will provide access to an online membership portal. You will log in with a username and password and access the lessons, all the overview information and PDF downloadable guides. Questions?  Email me!

Check out a sneak peek of the portal in this video

  • Getting Started Downloadable Guide: What to wear, what’s needed.
  • Confidence Cultivating journaling exercises to get you out of your head
  • Music suggestion PDF downloadable guide
  • 21 videos under 1 minute explaining each foundational movement
  • (5)  5-minute flow videos
  • (5)  10-minute flow videos
  • (3) 20-minute flow videos
  • (3) 30-minute flow videos
  • Private closed Facebook community for all enrolled to connect with likeminded women, stay accountable and to share experiences and progress stories.
  • All education and videos housed on a lifetime-access private membership site you’ll access via your own username and password
  • A fun and accessible way to experience something sexy in the privacy of your own home

I am so looking forward to having you dive into this Sensual Movement program. I believe that MOVEMENT in your BODY creates MOVEMENT in your LIFE. 

My creation of Sensual Movement stems from 10+ years of teaching women how to sensual dance in my studio – Venus Pole Fitness. As a busy mom of 3 kids I know how easy it can be to slip into a rut and put ourselves on the back burner. One of the reasons why I started my studio in the first place was that I craved an outlet to be able to be me – the woman I am outside of being a mom.

After working with thousands of women through the studio and virtual coaching, I’ve found that so many of us want to feel sexy in our skin, love our bodies and ROCK our confidence NOW. Sensual Movement continues to provide that for myself and my clients.

My Sensual Movement program was created out of necessity. I want to share with more women around the globe about this unique way to really feel alive and become #UnapologeticallySexy in their skin now.

YES you can exude confidence even if you think you are “too fat” to be sexy.

YES you can tap into your femininity even if you don’t have a sexy bone in your body.

YES you can finally look in a mirror naked and not hate what you see


  • The everyday woman who is struggling with feeling sexy in her body
  • The woman who is sick of feeling trapped and stuck in body insecurity
  • Someone who feels like they need to lose weight in order to feel sexy
  • A women who actually wants to enjoy exercise, have fun and change up their routine
  • Someone who is not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and try something expressive and different with their body

  • Someone who is rigid with their physique goals and isn’t open to embracing their sensuality as-is. Fat loss goals are fine, however when the emphasis is only on your body composition goals I find that we stay trapped and stifled.
  • Someone who is looking for super advanced sensual dance choreography lessons. This was created for the everyday woman who may or may not have dance experience but is interested in learning the basics and progressing over time.
  • Someone who wants a quick-fix weight loss program. One of the cool things of doing exercise that you enjoy is that you are likely to stick to it. So weight loss may occur as a result but it is not the primary focus of this program.
  • Someone who is stuck in their comfort zone and isn’t comfortable with letting hair down and not taking themselves too seriously. One of the best parts of Sensual Movement is that I created it to be super accessible to anyone who’s open to trying something new.

After you complete the course in Sensual Movement you get out of the shower, look at yourself naked in the mirror and love every effing inch of what you see. Next, you get dressed for your day and you don’t think a single thought about how fat you look or feel. Something too tight? Oh well, it wasn’t suited for your beautiful body anyway.

You go to work and feel so confident you can speak up and ask for what you want. You feel empowered to communicate your desires to everyone around you all day without fear. You are paving the way for huge changes not only in your mind but in your life.

Don’t miss out on the boatloads of confidence you can access at your fingertips.


What equipment is required? Do I need a pole?

A lot of women in my studio would have loved to have access to this program before they started with me because there is zero equipment required and it can be done in the privacy of your own living room. It’s super accessible. A yoga mat is recommended but not required. You’ll also need access to a space on a wall with nothing obscuring it.

How much weight will I lose?

Although I have witnessed hundreds of women shed body weight during their Sensual Movement practice this is not what the intention is for this program. Yes, I’ve seen weight loss of up to 50 pounds in women who’ve added this movement into their lives. Amazingly when we start cultivating confidence through this empowering movement, we naturally start to release negative body image perception, improve our self care and decrease stress. All things proven to help naturally bring your mind and body to an overall happier and healthier state of being.

I’m new to this kind of thing, how much experience do I need?

None. Although this can certainly benefit someone who has experience with sensual movement however if you are looking for a highly technical program with a lot of complex choreography this isn’t the program for you.

How much time does the program require?

With multiple videos ranging from 5 to 30 minutes you can do as much or as little as you want. You’d be surprised how a quick 5 minutes of this movement will supercharge your mood. Like anything, the more you practice the more confident you will feel in the movement.

Is there any access to coaching with Diane? What if I get stuck or have a question?

Although there is no direct one-on-one coaching with this program you will have access to our private closed Facebook group that will allow you to connect and reach out to Diane and other Sensual Movement Goddesses.

Is there a nutrition program or diet included?

This program does not include any nutrition or diet plans.

How long will I have access to the program?

Upon purchase you gain immediate access to the membership site and have lifetime access.

What if I’m currently doing other workouts?

Sensual Movement is a great stand alone program as well as supplement to any other fitness program. The stretching and strengthening you will do via this movement will serve as a great cross training option. But there is no need to quit your current workout program.

How is this program delivered?

This program is delivered via PDF downloads, complete instructional videos and full length lessons that Diane does with you in real time. Everything is housed on a membership site in which you will have a username and password to access.


Upon purchase: within seconds, you will receive your receipt via email (be sure to check your Junk email folder), and there will be a Download or Access button for you to click. You’ll be re-routed to a Thank You page that will provide access to an online membership portal. You will log in with a username and password and access the lessons, all the overview information and PDF downloadable guides. Questions? Email me!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Disclaimer: These lessons are designed for educational purposes only, and you follow them at your own risk. You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and knowing what it can and can’t handle. I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and effective program, but please speak with your physician before starting any fitness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury.  Diane Flores assumes no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.

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