Tweetdis For WordPress: Get More Traffic From Twitter And More Shares
Tweetdis For WordPress: Get More Traffic From Twitter And More Shares
Tweetdis For WordPress: Get More Traffic From Twitter And More Shares
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How Tweetable Quotes Work

In case you didn’t watch my 3-minute video above, I will recap it for you in a single sentence:

It does not matter how many followers you have on Twitter; what matters is how many of your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers.

And it is your job to make them do that!


Just give them something good to tweet:

  • a quote;
  • a take away;
  • a catchy phrase;
  • a smart idea;
  • a statistic.

Want to know if that tweetable quote works for him? Head over to Twitter and do a search for it.

Guess what you’ll see?..

Lots of tweets!

That’s how you get traffic from Twitter — you make your visitors tweet your content!

That tweetable quote on Michael’s blog looks like it was custom made, but you can easily create these fancy looking quotes on your own blog with TweetDis plugin.

I used it to create these two tweetable quotes that you just saw.

And actually that quote by Jeff Goins on Michael’s blog could look much better, if he was using one of TweetDis design templates, like this one:

I’m sure that giving a «face» to your quote will make more people tweet it (though I didn’t test it yet).

With TweetDis you can even make people tweet images from your articles!

Like this:

Visual content always works better on social media, everyone knows that.

And Matt McWilliams has actually tested it!

Here’s a screenshot of his comment that I’ve found at BoostBlogTraffic:

Are you ready to try tweetable quotes on your own blog?

Grab TweetDis below:

I want to use it on one website:

I want to use it on up to 5 sites:

I want to use it on unlimited sites:

60-day moneyback Guarantee

Why “Tweetables» Work So Well

So these were the statistics.

Now let’s see what the common sense tells us:

  • By including a few tweetable quotes in your post, you give your visitors multiple opportunities to share your content;
  • Since tweetable quotes include an explicit call to action (e.g., “tweet this”), they stand out in comparison to the social sharing buttons hovering on the periphery;
  • Prompting readers to share a quote (not a post) capitalizes on many readers’ preference for sharing ideas over personalities. They’re not seen as promoting a person, just an idea;
  • Because tweetable quotes have self-contained value (they are a piece of wisdom in themselves), readers are more inclined to share them, even if they don’t have time to read the entire post.

In other words there’s no excuse in ignoring this great new strategy.

A Few Words About TweetDis

So what makes TweetDis plugin the best option for creating tweetable quotes on your blog?

Great Designs

You can’t deny that the designs of the quotes you see below are great! They will clearly stand out in your copy and attract the attention of your readers:

Ease of use

You will add these fancy looking tweetable quotes with just a click of a button. No coding. Just highlight the phrase and click on TweetDis button:

You’re in control

TweetDis has many settings to configure every aspect of your tweetable quote:

  • Mention your twitter username in every tweet? — Check!
  • Add custom text/hashtags to the tweets? — Check!
  • Shorten links via — Check!
  • Make the quote float to the side and wrap it with text? — Check!

And if you feel that TweetDis is lacking some feature that you need badly, just contact us and we’ll add it shortly!

Single Site License


One Time Payment

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Multi-Site License


One Time Payment

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Developer’s License


One Time Payment

Get Started

License Type Use on 1 Site Up to 5 sites Unlimited
Unlimited Quotes
Tweet Box Designs 16 16 16
Tweet Hint Designs 3 3 3
Tweet image Designs 6 6 6
WordPress Plugin
24/7 Support
Updates Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Purchasing TweetDis is 100% risk-free. You have 60 days to try it and decide if you like it or not. We will refund all your money without any hassle.

There’s absolutely no way you can lose, except by not giving TweetDis a try.

Customer quotes

» Prior to using this plugin, our average number of shares in Twitter was 87.4. After installing this plugin, the average is 107.8. That’s a 23% lift. Not bad for simply switching plugins.»

Kathryn Aragon, managing editor of The Daily Egg blog

» It blows every other «tweet this» type plugin I’ve tested out of the water for ease of use, customization options, and (most importantly) traffic numbers.»

«Hi I just purchased a single site license for use in a client site, but it’s such a great tool I’d like to upgrade to the multisite license if possible. This is definitely a tool I’d like to add to my arsenal for all my client sites.»

«Tim and his team don’t just provide plugins and resources, they build turn-key solutions. When I needed a modification of one of his products, his team immediately went to work and created a solution that far outpaced my expectations. In terms of WordPress plugins, TweetDis has absolutely provided the best value for the money, hands down.»

Quick Q&A

How to install TweetDis on my site?

Just like any other WordPress plugin. This short installation manual will help you. In case you’re new to this, just use our support form below and we’ll help you out! 😉

Does it only work on WordPress sites?

Yes, TweetDis is a plugin for WordPress, so it doesn’t support Blogger blogs, Typepad blogs or any other systems.

Is it Multi-Site compatible?

We sell two kinds of TweetDis licenses. One is for a single site only. And the other can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

Will tweetable quotes slow down my page load time?

No, they won’t.

I have lots of tweetable quotes on my own blog, and Google Page Speed Test shows pretty decent speed on my pages:

Is it mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! See the results of Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

Does it shorten the links automatically?

Yes! TweetDis integrates with and and it can automatically shorten links.

Can I add custom hashtags to the tweetable quotes?

Yes! TweetDis allows to inject some extra text to the quotes that people tweet. You can put any hashtags there.

Can I attach images to content that is tweeted?

Yes! With TweetDis you can attach images to the tweets.

Have a question?

In case you have any pre-sale questions about TweetDis plugin or perhaps you’ve purchased a copy and need some help — feel free to use the contact form below:

Alternatively you can reach me directly at [email protected] and i’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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